The AIMETA group of Multiscale Mechanics and Nanostructures (GAMeN: Gruppo Aimeta di meccanica Multiscala e Nanostrutture) aims at bringing together AIMETA researchers working at the forefront of applied mechanics, material science and engineering to further the current understanding of solid and structural mechanics at different scales, and its application to design, modelling, manufacturing and experimentation of innovative systems, metamaterials and nanostructures. 

Interaction and collaboration with the scientific community are highly promoted in order to deepen the knowledge of the unconventional mechanical behaviour of multiscale systems and nanostructures from theoretical, computational and experimental points of view. A fundamental goal of GAMeN consists of reaching a significant visibility in the national and international scientific communities, through organization of symposia, workshops and other promotional activities. 

The group started its activities in the first semester of 2022 and will elect its first Executive Council on occasion of the 2022 AIMETA National Congress.

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