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GADeS minisymposium

GADeS Minisymposium 2019 - AIMETA 2019, Sapienza University of Rome, September 2019.



The aim of GADeS is to promote the scientific interaction between researchers operating in the fields of Solid and Structural Dynamics, Machine Dynamics and Dynamical Systems, as well as the opportunity for improving cooperation with researchers working on Identification and Control problems, independently from the scientific sector, thus in coherence with the AIMETA's statutory spirit. Indeed, the integration of researchers, who are studying particular and/or complementary problems, appears very important since it can enlarge the range of interests of the Group. Therefore, the AIMETA GADeS Group is specifically aimed at sharing knowledge from different sectors, through the organization of workshop, mini-symposia, special sessions in AIMETA's conferences and, last but not least, the coordinated participation to Italian and European research project.

GADeS Coordination Committee

Francesco Pellicano (chairman) - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Maurizio Romeo - University of Genoa
Daniele Zulli - University of L'Aquila

Past GADeS Officers

2012-2016 - Sandra Carillo, Walter D'Ambrogio, Angelo Luongo (chairman)
2016-2018 - Maria Grazia Naso, Francesco Pellicano, Giuseppe Piccardo (chairman)

GADeS Award

Best PhD Thesis on the topics of Dynamics & Stability
2016 - Valeria Settimi
2018 -  Alberto Di Matteo


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